Knowledge Center

1 – Quarantine in the House of Allah (COVID-19):

Quarantine in the House of Allah

2 – Moon Sighting Organization for North America: Central Hilal Committee (CHC) 

           a) Moon Sighting Presentation by CHC

3 – Eid-al-Adha and  Moon Sighting:

           a) Fatwa by Shaikh Saleh bin Uthaymeen

           b) Determination_of_Eid_al_Adha_by_Mufti_Taqi_Usmani

           c) Eid_al_Adha_is_based_on_sighting_of_the_new_moon_by_Mufti_of_Saudi_Arabia

          d) Fazail of Dhul Hijjah

4 – Salah Timings, Suhoor time and Subah-Sadiq time explained:

        Salah Timing calculation explained

5 – Zakat masail:

       Zakat Masail by Mufti Abdul Hameed