Programs at Bethany Musalla

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Programs at Bethany Musalla Daily 5 times Salah Two Friday/Jumah Prayers Daily Short Lecture/Reminder by Imam shb on various topics after Maghreb Daily short Hadees after esha Weekly Lecture Series – Every Friday 7:oo pm Daily after school Maktab Quran and islamic studies class during school year – Monday-Thursday 5pm – 7pm Summer quran class – Monday to Thursday  5pm to 7pm for kids and adults   Besides these programs… Read More »Programs at Bethany Musalla

Registration for Summer Quran Class is open now

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As Salamu Alaikum, We are very happy to let you know that Masjid Ibrahim is doing its second blood drive in this year in Bethany area. In the last blood drive Masjid Ibrahim was able to collect 23 bags. That helped save approximately 69 lives. This is one of the community based events that Masjid Ibrahim will organize with Red Cross throughout the year. Your blood helps save hundreds of lives of local community.… Read More »Registration for Summer Quran Class is open now