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 Payment options:                                                          


  • Online Credit/Debit Card Payment through PayPal

  • Credit/Debit Card swap via square device on site

  • Zelle:

  • Checks:

    Please make Check Payable to “Masjid Ibrahim” and post it by mail 15188 NW Central Dr, Suite #208, Portland, Oregon 97229

  • ACH Authorization Form : Please download ACH form, fill it up, sign it and send us back

     ACH Authorization Form

  • Stock Donations

For Non Intel Employees

For non-Intel employees, you just need the “Account number, Charity name, Receiving firm name and DTC#” as shown below: 

– Charity name: “Masjid Ibrahim”,

– Receiving firm name: “Charles Schwab”,

– Receiving Account number: 71859145 

– Receiving firm DTC number: 0164

 – If needed Code No:40

For Intel Employees

1) log into your E-Trade account from Intel Circuit, “My Stock Account”

2) in the Home-page of E-Trade, click on “Stock Plan” tab from the top

3) under “Stock Plan”, click on “My Account” tab

4) then scroll down and you will see “Charitable Donation” towards the bottom. and then “Donate shares” button. please click on “Donate Shares”

5) then click to select your E-Trade stock account (from where stocks would be donated) 

6) then under “Add Charity”, select “manually add” to add “Masjid Ibrahim” as a charity organization (you need to do it only once). You would need the below ‘Masjid Ibrahim” stock account information with ‘Ameritrade’

7) Charity name: “Masjid Ibrahim”; Receiving firm name: “Charles Schwab”; Receiving Account number: 71859145; Receiving firm DTC number: 0164; (new code No if needed:40) Click “Save”

8) Now “Masjid Ibrahim” would appear as a charity org. please Select “Masjid Ibrahim” and click “Donate”

9) in the next page, select the quantity of stocks you want to donate and click “Review”

10) then click “Submit”

 Although some steps are involved; but the process is very straightforward. It takes about 3-5-days for the transfer to complete. You will get a confirmation email once the submission is done. Please save it for record; you would need it to file tax returns.

One Time Donation
Monthly Donation Subscription